PD Warrior


Let's slow Parkinson's together.

PD warrior is a revolutionary management program that is designed to fight the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. Research has shown us that specific exercise has the potential to slow Parkinson's disease down.

Is is estimated that at the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease the majority of cells that produce dopamine have already been destroyed. Medication does not protect the remaining cells. This means that as the disease progresses, the remaining cells will continue to be destroyed and symptoms will progress. PD warrior management helps slow this progression.

It is not JUST an exercise class its a whole way of managing your Parkinson's disease with individual assessment and regular measurements to track you from the start and conducted routinely along the way, a tailored personalised home program, a group exercise class to work on weaknesses and current limitations, education and guidance to help manage any of the symptoms associated with Parkinson's. We want to see you early, work you hard and help you set up a strategy to keep exercising well and long into the future!