It's not just a massage and it's certainly not just exercise.

It's about us knowing exactly what's going on with you. Sure, a massage might make you feel better and there's nothing wrong with a massage. There's certainly nothing wrong with trying to get stronger and being more fit either. But the best part about what we do is that we can determine what your weaknesses are, why you have pain to begin with and how to resolve it while monitoring your progress closely. You need to know the why before you can decide on the what of treatment and that's what we are best at, problem solving and explaining it well to you so that we can get you back to your best self.


Did you know? We also partner with:

  • State & Local Level Sports Clubs
  • NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) - Certified Plan Management and Providers
  • WorkCover NSW
  • Company Functional Assessments
  • Local GPs
  • Private Health Insurance