We aren't your usual healthcare service. We are your friendly neighbourhood full-service providers of NDIS (Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Functional Capacity Assessments, and Wheelchair Assessments)


The Idea.

Mobi is a collective of health care professionals determined to change the way healthcare is currently delivered and make a long lasting change in peoples lives. We are a mobile allied health service focused on giving you our undivided attention and time because you deserve better. You'll get a personalised, professional, and proactive approach to healthcare.  Want to know more? Check out the rest of the website, shoot us an email, or give us a call, we'd love to chat.


“I think health care can do better. Our community deserves a health care service that is inclusive, compassionate, and caring.”

— Andrew Han, FOUNDER


Andrew has been a strong presence in the Sydney health care sector for years.  Under the stereotypical healthcare "system", Andrew felt that he just wasn't able to treat clients with the care he thought they deserved. His hands were often tied. So Andrew branched out, and brought along with him, a cast of allied health professionals that shared this strong vision - to put people above bottom line, and to make a lasting meaningful connection with our community. Word about Mobi is spreading throughout Sydney, and we're so grateful for your help in that because it allows us to reach more people who we think could and should get more out of their health. Thank you. 

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Our Mission

Just like our website, our mission is simple: meet people where they are at, serve and help them get back to life, and build up the community we are placed.

The idea is that we want something different and better for our clients. It feels almost taboo to say this but we will. And that is, there are a lot of places that are more concerned about their bottom line than your health. You'll see it in the way they treat their clients, often rushing them, dividing their attention between other clients, jumping from room to room, and often employing a cookie-cutter approach to get you better without thinking how it's going to fit the rest of your life outside the "clinic".

Not us. We don't believe in that. When you connect with us, you get 100% of our attention - we're not going to just leave you on some machine, heat pack or juggle our attention between clients. It's always going to be one-on-one, personal, and engaging. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, you'll get a treatment plan customised just for you, drawn from the base of our expertise and more importantly, your goals. You'll leave with an understanding of what's going on and what you need to do to get back to being the best version of yourself.


Say Hello.

We promise we don't bite. And more importantly, we won't beat around the bush with you. If you need a specific treatment, we will do our best to be clear and honest. Likewise, if you don't need a service, we'll never be that company that tells you that there's something wrong when there isn't. Think of us like your trusted, honest mechanic.

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